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How to create Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Facebook Instant Articles Recently you would have noticed new form of articles on Facebook. These articles are loaded inside of Facebook only and do not require us to visit any 3rd Party website. These are called Facebook Instant Articles. Facebook Instant Articles solves the problem of loading time of a Website, because the article is loaded 10x times inside of Facebook.…

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Facebook Targeting- Broad vs Precise

Facebook Targeting – Broad vs Precise Facebook  Targeting has become a very common query for all the Facebook Advertisers. Whether the Advertisers should go broad or very precise. My answer is BOTH. No, I am not getting Diplomatic here. It will depend on the kind of Advertisement you are planning to run. My favourite Facebook Advertisements are: Website Conversion Ads & Boost Post.…

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20 Powerful Facebook Advertisement Targets that were probably unknown to you

20 Powerful Facebook Advertisement Targets Facebook Advertisement Targets can get very complex sometimes. But if you know some more targeting options, then it might become easier for you. There are so many things you can try with Facebook Ads. Since it comes with so many options, you might have missed a few powerful Facebook Advertisement Targets. 1.) Facebook Business Manager…

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