How to create Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Facebook Instant Articles

Recently you would have noticed new form of articles on Facebook.

These articles are loaded inside of Facebook only and do not require us to visit any 3rd Party website.

These are called Facebook Instant Articles.

Facebook Instant Articles solves the problem of loading time of a Website, because the article is loaded 10x times inside of Facebook.

Recent test results show that Instant Articles have received more clicks than mobile web articles, more engagement (less abandonment), more article shares.(P.S – These are not my results, this is industry report)

(You will notice a STAR sign on the Top Right corner of the Facebook Instant Articles)

facebook instant articles


How to create Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

1.) Go to your WordPress Plugin dashboard and add new Plugin of Instant Articles ‘Instant articles for WP


2.) Sign up for Facebook Instant Articles

facebook instant articles


3.) In the Left Side menu of your WordPress Dashboard, click on Instant Articles and configure it with your Page. It will require your App ID.

facebook instant articles


4.) Now go to ‘Settings‘ of your Facebook Page and under ‘Publishing Tools‘ go to ‘Configuration’ of Instant Articles.

facebook instant articles


In the Configuration Page, you will find Two very important steps – Claim your URL &Production RSS Feed.

5.) Claim your URL – A specific Meta Tag will be given to you which you will put in your Website Head Tag

facebook instant articles

(When I was doing it, I found a little bug in this, as stated I had put this code in the Head, but even after continuously refreshing the Page, it was showing an error message (image below), but when I tried again after 5-6 hours, the URL was claimed successfully, even though I did not put the code again)

facebook instant articles


After successfully claiming the Page, I got this message (Image below)


facebook instant articles


6.) Production RSS Feed – The RSS Feed URL by default for WordPress Plugin users is


facebook instant articles


After this step, there are 2 more main requirements

  • Your Blog should have a minimum of 10 Articles.
  • Logo in Style Editor


7.) Logo in Style Editor can be put by uploading a transparent image of your Logo.


facebook instant articles


Default style is already present and you can create your own style of Facebook Instant Articles by clicking on ‘Add Style‘.


8.) Once you are done with all these steps, now you can Submit to get approved for publishing Facebook Instant Articles.


facebook instant articles


You also have this option of monetizing your Instant Articles by showing Ads on your articles.

This you can do by ‘Audience Network’ inside ‘Configuration’ of Facebook Instant Articles.


facebook instant articles


Facebook Pages Manager app is the best place to test your Instant Articles before publishing.

(P.S – Try to use High Quality images in your Instant Articles. This would be helpful for better experience)

Now once you will be approved to publish your Facebook Instant Articles, then you can publish Instant Articles in ‘Production‘ tab of ‘Configuration‘ Page.


Do let me know if you have any query or may be your feedback after testing Facebook Instant Articles.

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Thank you for reading this article, TA TA, BYE BYE 🙂

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